New VAR Guidelines Introduced Following Diaz Shambles

New VAR guidelines will come into effect in the Premier League this weekend. The move aims to avoid a repeat of the shambolic scenes at Tottenham last weekend which led to a Luis Diaz goal being incorrectly chalked off.

The release of audio recordings exposing the human error behind the decision has sparked outrage, with Jurgen Klopp suggesting a replay of the match as the fairest resolution. The Premier League was quick to rule out the possibility of a replay, but it has taken steps to prevent similar errors in the future.

The protocol change aims to improve communication between on-field officials and the VAR team, addressing a crucial aspect that many believe needs intervention.

PGMOL said the new protocol would “enhance the clarity of communication between the referee and the VAR team in relation to on-field decisions.”

The changes will see VARs confirm the outcome of the checking process with the assistant VAR before relaying the final decision to on-field officials. This adjustment seeks to streamline communication and reduce the risk of errors like the one seen in the Liverpool-Tottenham match.

Additionally, PGMOL and the Football Association will review the policy that allows English officials to cover domestic league matches overseas. This move comes following the revelation that VAR Darren England and his assistant Daniel Cook officiated a match in the United Arab Emirates just two days before their Tottenham nightmare.

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