Work Set to Resume on Anfield Road Expansion

Liverpool are set to resume construction on the Anfield Road Stand expansion after regaining control of the site following the collapse of Buckingham, the contractor responsible for the project.

The Stowe-based company had entered administration on Tuesday, resulting in the unfortunate loss of approximately 500 jobs.

Work had been suspended on the Anfield Road end around three weeks ago, after doubts about Buckingham’s stability surfaced. Plans for a phased opening of the new stand’s top tier were also put on hold during this period of uncertainty.

With the final decision on Buckingham’s fate announced today, it is believed that control of the site has returned to Liverpool.

The club is eager to swiftly appoint a new contractor to oversee the remaining construction, and plan to retain as many of Buckingham’s existing personnel as possible to ensure a smooth continuation of the project.

The resumption of works is not expected to compromise the ongoing use of the lower tier of the Anfield Road end, which has been in use for the first two Premier League games of the season.

Preston-based Rayner Rowen is reportedly among the construction firms being considered by Liverpool as they search for a new contractor to move the Anfield Road Stand expansion forward.

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