AXA Melwood Training Centre Officially Opens

Liverpool has officially opened the AXA Melwood Training Centre ahead of the opening fixture of the Women’s Super League (WSL) season, with a grand opening which attracted dignitaries from across the city and the realm of women’s football.

The AXA Melwood Training Centre, synonymous with the men’s team since its inception in 2020, now welcomes the women’s squad to its elite training grounds. Boasting exceptional outdoor pitches, impressive indoor facilities, and a cutting-edge gym, the women’s team finds itself equipped with everything needed to compete at the highest level in the WSL.

The new facility will play home to the girls’ Pro Game Academy, a platform that not only provides aspiring young talents the opportunity to compete at the highest level but also serves as a hub for developing and nurturing the future stars of women’s football.

Liverpool FC CEO, Billy Hogan, expressed his delight at this historic moment, emphasizing the significance of the AXA Melwood Training Centre in the club’s journey. “This is a special moment in our club’s history, and we are delighted that our women’s team can call this historic place home,” Hogan stated during the official opening. He also acknowledged AXA’s unwavering support, highlighting the company’s commitment not only to the club but also to the broader landscape of women’s football.

Beyond its role as a training ground, the AXA Melwood Training Centre will play a pivotal role in community outreach. The award-winning LFC Foundation programs will utilize the facility for various initiatives, while the Fowler Education and Football Academy (FEFA) will leverage the space to offer educational opportunities to young people.

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