Famous Liverpool FC Quotes

"Liverpool was made for me and I was made for Liverpool."
Bill Shankly

"Some people believe football is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that."
Bill Shankly

"Mind you, I've been here during the bad times too - one year we came second."
Bob Paisley

"At a football club, there's a holy trinity - the players, the manager and the supporters. Directors don't come into it. They are only there to sign the cheques."
Bill Shankly

"I feel like a kid waking up on Christmas morning every day now! It's fantastic and it's something that I have wanted to happen for such a long time."
Robbie Fowler (on returning to Liverpool)

"Before, I said that they were maybe the best supporters in England. Now maybe they are the best supporters in Europe."
Rafael Benitez

"When I've got nothing better to do, I look down the league table to see how Everton are getting along."
Bill Shankly

"It was like playing in a foreign country."
Ian Rush (on playing in Italy)

"If you're in the penalty area and don't know what to do with the ball, put it in the net and we'll discuss the options later."
Bob Paisley

"You'd be better off talking to my baby. She's only six weeks old but you'd get more sense from her than him."
Kenny Dalglish (on Alex Ferguson)

"How can you tell your wife you are just popping out to play a match and then not come back for five days?"
Rafael Benitez (on test cricket)

"A lot of football success is in the mind. You must believe that you are the best and then make sure that you are. In my time at Liverpool we always said we had the best two teams in Merseyside, Liverpool and Liverpool reserves."
Bill Shankly

"There are those who say maybe I should forget about football. Maybe I should forget about breathing."
Gerard Houllier

"The trouble with referees is that they know the rules, but they don't know the game."
Bill Shankly

"Liverpool are magic. Everton are tragic."
Emlyn Hughes

"If Everton were playing at the bottom of the garden, I'd pull the curtains."
Bill Shankly

"Of course I didn't take my wife to see Rochdale as an anniversary present, it was her birthday. Would I have got married in the football season? Anyway, it was Rochdale reserves."
Bill Shankly

"I love tackling, it's better than sex!"
Paul Ince