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When you mention the acronym EDL to most people in the UK, they will think of the English Defence League - a vaguely political organisation that are in reality nothing more than a bunch of racist thugs.

However there is a new EDL in town - the English Disco Lovers!

Their aim is quite simple - to damage the English Defence League's propaganda campaign by outranking them on search engines for the search term 'EDL'. Already in a few weeks their Facebook page is on page one of Google, and with a recent article in the Guardian boosting awareness of their campaign their popularity is sure to increase.

I'm writing this post in part because I think it's an awesome idea but also because by including links in this post I am doing my bit to help boost their search engine rankings.

Hopefully they can get the number one spot on Google before too long, if it converts just one racist thug into a disco lover instead then it's all worth it!

English Disco Lovers website: http://edl.me
English Disco Lovers Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/englishdiscolovers

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