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For the first time in football history, a global power opens its
doors for unprecedented insider access, as FOX football and Liverpool Football Club partner to
bring viewers a six-episode documentary entitled Our Liverpool: Never Walk Alone. FOX football
is producing this original series, which provides a groundbreaking look at one of the sport’s most
historic clubs. A five-time European champion, Liverpool FC competes in England’s Barclays
Premier League, the world’s foremost football league. This global television event is being made
available worldwide, with multiple Emmy award-winning producer Scott Boggins (formerly of
HBO’s ground-breaking 24/7 series) leading the project. Our Liverpool: Never Walk Alone is set
to air in the fall of 2012. 

“This is going to be a truly remarkable series for every football fan on Earth, watching the inner
workings of one of the world’s truly great clubs, and seeing things no one outside the inner
sanctum has seen or experienced before,” said FOX Sports Media Group Chairman and CEO
David Hill. “Liverpool FC is cherished by its community and hundreds of millions of fans
worldwide. Working with a team so unique, and wrapped in so much history, is a natural fit for a
project of this magnitude and uniqueness.”

Liverpool Chairman Tom Werner said, “I am delighted that David Hill, David Nathanson and the
team at FOX are producing this unique series. I expect that it will be compelling programming,
as Liverpool will provide unprecedented access. This will be an amazing opportunity for our fans
to see a new side of the club and for us to reach out to many more potential supporters around
the world who will come to understand what makes Liverpool FC so special.”
Working directly with Liverpool’s ownership and management, FOX football has gained
exclusive and unprecedented access to one of the most influential brands in global sport. Never
before have cameras been allowed inside the Anfield locker room, Liverpool’s home stadium
since 1892 and hallowed ground for millions of supporters worldwide.  Our Liverpool: Never
Walk Alone begins deep inside the club at the end of the 2011-2012 campaign, with the team
chasing its eighth FA Cup title against Chelsea at Wembley Stadium on May 5. Episodes
continue through the club’s July tour of North America. FOX football’s crew is there on and off
the field as Liverpool prepares for the upcoming Barclays Premier League season and plays the
first few matches of its 2012-2013 campaign. Throughout  this journey Liverpool’s enduring
traditions are highlighted, along with the club’s unparalleled and storied history, and its heartfelt
place in the fabric of the local community. 


I received this on Facebook this morning. Looks as though Fox football is going to do an unprecedented look into Liverpool FC. It will include behind the scenes access, etc. Will air in the fall. I'm excited to see it!

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