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First of all welcome to the Kopworld forum, a place to discuss England's most successful club ever & much more. The following rules are in place to help the staff keep the forum tidy, keep the idiots out and generally make the board a better place for all our members.

Forum Rules

There are a few rules that will earn you an immediate ban from the forum if you break them (listed further down the page), but generally you will receive warnings before a ban is considered. How many times you will be warned before further action is taken will depend on the offence(s) committed, but rest assured we're not in the business of banning people for no reason so won't do so unless it's absolutely neccessary.

These are guidelines and are not neccessarily set in stone. Depending on the circumstances the staff reserve the right to skip the warning proccess for any offence & skip straight to a ban.

Bad/Abusive Language

Whilst swearing is allowed on the forum, please don't swear at anyone. For example, using bad language to describe our last performance is acceptable, but using it to have a go at other members won't be tolerated. As staff we will try to stay out of user disputes, but if foul or abusive language is used the member in question will get a warning. Also swearing is not allowed in topic titles, as the titles of topics on this forum are displayed on other sites where swearing is against the rules.

Posting articles from The Sun

We won't be Hitler's about this rule like some Liverpool forums are, we understand that other sites & articles often quote The Sun, and this could be missed sometimes. However if someone links directly to The Sun's website or discusses articles from the paper then action will be taken. In this instance members will receive one warning just in case they didn't know about the boycott, if they continue to post articles from The Sun's website or reference stories they read in the paper they will no longer be welcome on the forum. For anyone not aware of the boycott please read this topic.

Excessive Flaming From Opposition Fans

Supporters of other clubs are welcome, and we enjoy a bit of banter, but please know where to draw the line. A basic rule of thumb is to argue why your team is better, not why our team is worse, stick to that and you should be ok. Please bare in mind that this is primarily a Liverpool forum, and whilst you may be glad if we lose or things aren't going well, posting as much isn't likely to be taken very well.


Due to the public nature of the forum there are likely to be minors browsing at any time, due to this images containing or depicting nudity are not allowed. There are topics on the forum dedicated to eye candy for both the male & female users, but please keep all pictures decent. Nudity includes see through clothing.

The Following Rules Will Result In An Immediate Ban If You Break Them

Inappropriate comments about Hillsborough/Heysel

No discussions, any inappropriate comments will result in an immediate ban.

Ticket Touting

Face value sales are allowed on the board, and you can include any postage costs, but anyone trying to rip off a fellow red will be banned.


Racist language or propoganda will not be tolerated.


Posting porn/advertising/complete gibberish is a sure way to get yourself banned.

Other Rules

These rules generally won't result in an official warning, just a quiet word in the ear, but persistent failure to adhere to them could result in further action being taken.

Avatars & Signatures

To ensure the forum runs smoothly, loads quickly, and is accessible by as many people as possible please stick to the following guidelines:

Avatars - No bigger than 30kb in size.  We also advise you keep the image under 150x150 pixels, larger images will be automatically resized and may not look so good.

Signatures - Your signature should not measure any more than 600 pixels wide by 300 pixels high, this is the total of your signature, not each image. Any images used in signatures need to be less than 250kb in size. Signatures should not include advertising or links without discussion with the Admin of the board.

If you don't want to see other users signatures/avatars you can deselect this option in your profile.

Topics & Posts

Please try to make topic titles descriptive & relevant to the subject of the topic. When posting an article please include a link to the site you got the article from, and please also include the article text rather than just a link, workplaces are becoming stricter & stricter on the sites their employees can access, and some people may not be able to follow the link. When posting a new topic please try & offer your own opinion on the subject, after all if you care enough to post it then surely you care enough to have your say on it? One word replies are allowed in topics, but topics that specifically invite one word replies will be deleted.

Please try & avoid excessive use of capital letters or punctuation. Capital letters indicates you're shouting so please try to only use them when that's your intention, and 50 full stops does not equate to hitting the enter button on your keyboard.

Please also try & avoid the use of text language. Occassional use will be overlooked, but if u ryt ur post lyk dis it will b deleted.

These rules may change or be added to over time, but I feel that covers everything needed for the moment. If anyone feels the rules should be added to or altered please feel free to contact me via PM.


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