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Looking at our league season so far it's clear to see that we are not scoring enough goals...

Sunderland H - 1-1
Arsenal A - 0-2
Bolton H - 3-1
Stoke A - 1-0
Spurs A - 4-0
Wolves H - 2-1
Everton A - 0-2
Man Utd H - 1-1
Norwich H - 1-1
WBA A - 0-2
Swansea H - 0-0
Chelsea A - 1-2
Man City H - 1-1
Fulham A - 1-0
QPR H - 1-0   

That's 18 goals in 15 goals at an average of 1.2 goals per game - which is clearly not good enough, especially for a team that dominates matches regularly both home and away and creates a lot of chances. Poor finishing cannot be held solely responsible, but appears to be the major factor in our low goals tally. We have scored 10 goals in 8 home matches (ave of 1.25 per game) and 8 in 7 away games (ave of 1.14). We have taken 14 points out of a possible 24 at home (58% of points available) and 12 out of a possible 21 points on the road (57% of points available). So despite losing three games  away from home (Stoke, Spurs and Fulham) we have managed to practically match our points success rate to our home record where we are yet to lose. That just highlights how relatively well we're doing away from home and how much effect all these draws at Anfield are having.

However, we do have a miserly defence. We've conceded 6 goals at Anfield so far this season in 8 games, but with only two clean sheets in those encounters - whereas we have 3 clean sheets on the road in 7 games, conceding a total of 7 goals, which is slightly worse than our home record.

One statistic that concerns me more than most is that we have only managed to score three goals or more in one game this season - at home against the team now bottom of the league, Bolton, in a 3-1 victory.

In terms of goals per game, the Premiership looks like this:

Manchester City H: 3.43 per game A: 3.13 per game
Manchester United H: 2.88 A: 1.71
Chelsea H: 2.63 A: 1.71
Tottenham H: 2.5 A: 1.88
Arsenal H: 1.75A: 2.43
Liverpool H: 1.25 A: 1.14
Newcastle H: 1.43 A: 1.38
Stoke H: 1.5 A: 0.57
Aston Villa H: 1.43 A: 1.0
Norwich H: 2.0 A: 1.14
Swansea H: 1.25 A: 0.88
Everton H: 1.0 A: 1.29
QPR H: 0.88 A: 1.125
Fulham H: 1.71 A: 0.5
WBA H: 0.88 A: 1.0
Sunderland H: 1.5 A: 0.88
Wolves H: 1.43 A: 0.75
Wigan H: 1.14 A: 0.75
Blackburn H: 1.43 A: 1.5
Bolton H: 1.25 A: 1.43

So you can see that Blackburn and Bolton average more goals, despite their league position, than we do both home and away. It's even worse when you compare our tally to those above us in the league table. Manchester City are leading the Premiership in terms of points and are cruising in this category. An average of 3 goals per game both at home and away is excellent - although they have paid well for such accomplishments. And, on an aside, it's surprising to see Roy Hodgson's West Brom side scoring more regularly on the road than at home, given how poor he is as an away manager.

Where we come into our own is the table for conceding goals. We've conceded as many in total as City have in their away games. So we've got the solid base on which to move forward and build off.

When you look at the top scorers chart for the Premiership, you also see that we lack a stand out striker that scores plenty:

Van Persie   Arsenal   15 (48.39% of Arsenal's total)
Aguero      Man City   11 (22.45%)
Ba      Newcastle   11 (52.39%)
Rooney      Man Utd   11 (31.43%)
Dzeko      Man City   10 (20.41%)
Yakubu      Blackburn   9 (40.9%)
Adebayor      Spurs   8 (26.66%)
Balotelli      Man City   8 (16.33%)
Klasnic      Bolton   7 (35%)
Lampard      Chelsea   7 (21.21%)
Sturridge      Chelsea   7 (21.21%)
Defoe      Spurs   6 (20%)
Fletcher      Wolves   6 (37.5%)
Helguson      QPR   6 (40%)
Hernandez   Man Utd   6 (17.14%)
Suarez      Liverpool   4 (22.22%)
Carroll      Liverpool   2 (11.11%)
Adam      Liverpool   2 (11.11%)
Torres      Chelsea   2 (6.06%)

These stats highlight different things. Suarez has only scored between a fifth and a quarter of our league goals and is 11 strikes behind the league's top scorer - Robin van Persie. The Dutchman has 15 goals for Arsenal, who have scored 31 this season so far, and that is just under half of their goals - so perhaps that shows that they rely on him whereas we do not over-rely on Suarez for goals. Conversely, that shows that at least they have someone to rely on, as the Arsenal man has scored only three less than our entire squad in the Premiership this season. Were Arsenal to lose van Persie to an injury, as is customary, then they would suffer a massive loss of goalscoring ability within their team. Were we to lose Suarez to injury, we would be losing a smaller slice of our goalscoring pie - and he only has 1 assist to his name in the league so far this season. van Persie has 4 assists to his name, so he has had a major contribution in 19 of Arsenal's 31 goals this season. Without him, they would be dead in the race for the top four.

As for assists...

David Silva   Man City   10 (20.41% of City's goals)
Juan Mata      Chelsea   7 (21.21%)
Adebayor      Spurs   6 (20%)
Agbonlahor   Villa   6 (33.33%)
Nasri      Man City   6 (12.24%)
Richards      Man City   6 (12.24%)
Aguero      Man City   5 (10.20%)
Bale      Spurs   5 (16.66%)
Gervinho      Arsenal   5 (16.13%)
Song      Arsenal   5 (16.13%)
Walcott      Arsenal   5 (16.13%)
Walters      Stoke   5 (31.25%)
Brunt      WBA   4 (28.57%)
Crouch      Stoke   4 (25%)
van Persie      Arsenal   4 (12.9%)
Adam      Liverpool   3 (16.66%)   
Bellamy      Liverpool   2 (11.11%)

While Adam's percentage is comparable to Silva's, he's provided less than a third of the assists the City man has - and one less than van Persie who has scored 15 as well as assisiting 4. The underlying point is here that we are dominating games and coming away feeling disappointed when we don't win, more often than not, and yet our attacking stats are some way off the leaders of the league. Kenny will be plotting a turnaround.

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Reply #1Fri 16/12/11 at 23:42


  • Kopworld Moderator
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A good bit of stato heaven here proving what everyone has said elsewhere - we need an out and out goal scorer. Oh, and the defence is pretty sound.
Thanks for the insight.
Reply #2Sat 17/12/11 at 01:13


  • Kopworld Elite Member
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Looking at the assists Adam doesn't get enough credit when you consider the goals he plays his part in, even if it's not a direct assist.
Reply #3Sat 17/12/11 at 04:25


  • Kopworld Elite Member
  • *****
yeah it's ridiculous how much adam is involved, proving to be a crucial player.

I am really happy with the way we are defending not only with the back four but as a team. Time will tell how influential lucas has been concerning that statistic.

I don't really understand why our front line can't score more goals, but I feel it's only a matter of time before downing gets going and I'm sure suarez has a few more in him

"For those of you watching in black and white, Liverpool are the ones with the ball"
Reply #4Sat 17/12/11 at 10:59


  • Kopworld Elite Member
  • *****
I'm not daft enough not to admit Adam has improved over the last month in his all round play, but you can make stats look how you want and for me he still has a long way to go to be a dominant player in there for us. But he is going in the right direction and is showing he can be a leader in the middle of the park for us. He just needs to be smarter with the ball at times, even as recent as the fulham game he must have over hit or misplaced getting on double figures. But in the other hand I love that he is always willing to try and stretch play and switch it, he has shown me enough recently to prove he will be a good player though. Hands held up. But there is more to come for me, he isn't there yet

As for the strikers jh, one word, confidence
Reply #5Sat 17/12/11 at 12:26


  • Kopworld Elite Member
  • *****
wouyldn't that just be lovely. It's scary to think that you can have proven goal scorers up front and not expect them to get at least one goal a game between them

"For those of you watching in black and white, Liverpool are the ones with the ball"
Reply #6Sat 17/12/11 at 16:32


  • Kopworld Editor
  • *****
Andy Carroll isn't really a proven striker at this level. He had half a season with Newcastle where he scored regularly, but other than that he's still very much learning his trade.

Suarez should score a lot more, but he makes the simple look hard and the hard look simple.
Reply #7Sat 17/12/11 at 17:00


  • Kopworld Elite Member
  • *****
What's the saying oli? Scorer of great goals but not a great goalscorer
Reply #8Sat 17/12/11 at 17:06


  • Kopworld Elite Member
  • *****
For me Suarez thinks to much about his shots. When he dribbles pass people he does it in a way as if it's just natural to him but when he comes infront of goal it's like he is thinking whether he should dummy it, dink it, top corner, bottom corner, around keeper.
Reply #9Sat 17/12/11 at 17:43


  • Kopworld Editor
  • *****
What's the saying oli? Scorer of great goals but not a great goalscorer

Something like that mate, yes.

When he plays by instinct, he's fantastic, but when he stops and thinks he overdoes it.
Reply #10Sat 17/12/11 at 20:10


  • Kopworld Elite Member
  • *****
Absolutley, but if he had 8-10 goals to his name already this season its funny how you stop thinking about it.. its all confidence, goals breed goals, hence Van Persies form this season, his confidence is sky high right now and everytime he gets near goal it must look the size of the arch at wembley.
Reply #11Tue 20/12/11 at 13:32


  • Kopworld Editor
  • *****
Suarez could have scored thirty goals by now, but he's suffered a combination of bad luck and poor finishing.

We know he's capable of banging in goal after goal given his form for Ajax and Uruguay.

We just need it all to come together for us and he'll go on a run of scoring plenty of goals.
Reply #12Tue 20/12/11 at 17:16
Reply #13Thu 22/12/11 at 11:27


  • Kopworld Elite Member
  • *****
I don't like the idea of gonig back for torres at all, and it seems he has a problem with our owners.

I do agree however that we have not strengthened the team enough yet and some of our signings have come up a little short.

Top quality, perhaps even world class players need to be signed to add that extra bit to our strike force and attacking play, not only to bring those goals but to inject a bit of confidence into the team. A winger or a striker, it doesn't really matter. Stevie will be back soon and hopefully injury free, that will add a lot to our attacking play but that one more would be fantastic

"For those of you watching in black and white, Liverpool are the ones with the ball"
Reply #14Thu 22/12/11 at 11:55


  • Kopworld Editor
  • *****
I think we'll benefit from Gerrard coming back, if he ever does, and we also need to get some decent widemen in.

Xherdan Shaqiri would be a priority for me.