Klopp talks about form of Firmino

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp says that “everything will be fine” with Roberto Firmino.

The Brazil international has not carried his form from last season into the current campaign and there has been plenty of speculation that he is suffering from a World Cup hangover.

But his boss does not think that there is anything wrong with his number 9 and expects him to get back to his best before too long.

“It’s absolutely OK.” he said.

“It’s not that he plays his best football in each segment of the game but he is just an important player.

“That’s how it is with a player’s career, you have these moments where you fly and you cannot really explain it and other moments where you have to work a bit harder to come again in the moment where you fly. That’s exactly the case for him.

“It’s nothing to worry about or anything. It’s just a normal football season. We all have to go through these little holes or whatever and then everything will be fine again, especially with him because his attitude is absolutely phenomenal.

“That makes it easier for him, he will never stop.

“That’s good, so everything will be fine.” he finished.

The former Hoffenheim forward has scored five goals in twenty appearances so far this season.

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