Guardiola understands Klopp celebrations

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has defended Liverpool counterpart Jurgen Klopp for his derby celebrations.

The Football Association have decided to charge the German with misconduct after he ran on to the pitch following Divock Origi’s ninety-sixth minute winner against Everton on Sunday afternoon.

But the Spaniard feels that his rival was overcome by the emotions of the moment and pointed to the time he did the same thing against Southampton last season.

“I did it against Southampton. There’s a lot of emotions in those moments.” he said.

“I know when I did it I was not happy to have done it, so I can understand Marco [Silva], [Mauricio] Pellegrino when it happens.

“But sometimes it is what it is, an emotional game. Everything happens in your heart, body, mind. I talk for myself, you have to be respectful for the other ones.

“When you win you are a huge personality, when you lose it’s a lack of respect.

“When you lose you lose, you are a bad guy and when you win everything is acceptable.

“We live in a world where everyone judges the winners.” he finished.

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