Keita wants to learn to speak like a Scouser

Liverpool midfielder Naby Keita has set himself a six-month target to learn English – and then he wants to get to work on his Scouse accent!

The Guinea international arrived at Anfield in July, after agreeing a move in the Summer of 2017, when he joined from German club RB Leipzig.

And the twenty-three year old has set about learning enough English to enable him to do interviews within the next six months.

“I am following a course, I am really motivated to speak English, it is really important for me.” he told Sky Sports.

“I want to be able to speak to the coach, I want to speak to the other players on the team and I am really working hard.

“I am hoping in six months I will be able to do these interviews in English.” he added.

And the diminutive midfielder went on to say that he will start to work on his Scouse accent once he’s got English nailed.

“I find the Scouse accent a bit difficult but I will try my best.” he continued.

“I do not know any Scouse, I have been trying to speak English I have not been able to learn any Scouse yet.” he finished.

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