Klopp says he needs to rotate in busy schedule

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has accepted that he will need to use his squad in the coming fixtures.

The German will lead his side into action against the likes of Spurs, Chelsea, Manchester City and Paris Saint Germain in the next few weeks and he will have to make the most of his increased options for these games.

And the former Borussia Dortmund boss has said that he knows he will need to bring players in and out of his side to keep them as fresh as possible for the long campaign ahead.

“Of course, we have to. We will see exactly how we can do it.” he said when asked if he was planning to make changes.

“It is a big misunderstanding that we will plan for the game tomorrow and think about the game after and the game after.

“That’s too complicated. You have to go into the next game and see who you can choose. That’s it, you always try to have your best team.

“It is clear, with numbers, games and all that stuff – we get so much information after a game, which you don’t have – you see how players react in different situations. We have to do that, we have to rotate.” he added.

Klopp believes that his squad can maintain freshness if he gets things right with his team selections after being careful who he has called on so far this season.

“The first three games were the same line-up and then we changed one position.” he continued.

“It is to gain the points, have a good start, to create the basis and all that stuff.

“We used the players who had the longest pre-season pretty much; apart from Bobby, who came pretty late, they all had at least three weeks.

“The two up front, plus Bobby, and then all the others had a normal break pretty much.

“That’s good, they had a normal break and then started pre-season with us, so they were the most stable players in the squad and that’s why we used them.

“After four weeks, when the fitness levels looked quite OK – it got better and better for one player or another – then we had to send them away.

“Now they have come back – the last ones came back yesterday and today we train, then we make a line-up for tomorrow.

“Mauricio Pochettino has the same issue to get ready for the game tomorrow, that’s how it is.

“We all have to make constantly the best of what we’ve got.” he finished.

His words will give hope to the likes of Xherdan Shaqiri, Daniel Sturridge, Fabinho and Joel Matip that they will see some more action in the next few weeks as the fixtures pile up.

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