Bad decisions cost Liverpool last season


Liverpool should have finished second in the Premier League last season.

That is according to a report by ESPN, Intel and the University of Bath in which a research team worked together with former Premier League referee Peter Walton to look at:

> Goals that should have been disallowed
> Incorrectly disallowed goals
> Incorrectly awarded penalties (which were subsequently scored)
> Penalties that were not awarded but should have been
> Incorrect red-card decisions
> Red-card incidents that were missed
> Goals scored after injury time overran
> Deflected goals

Their findings showed that Liverpool were denied twelve points by wrongly disallowed goals or incorrect decisions on penalties and red cards across the season – and should have finished second behind champions Manchester City.

They found that Manchester United, who finished in second place, were the side which benefited most from incorrect decisions as they secured an extra six points from them.

Former top-flight official Peter Walton said that the findings of the investigation highlighted just how important getting the calls correct is for the right outcome.

“The results demonstrate the impact and importance of refereeing decisions on a game.” he is quoted by BBC Sport.

“With the Premier League deciding not to introduce VAR for the coming season, it is interesting to see how much luck plays a part in the way the league unfolds.” he added.

It means that Liverpool should have finished just ten points behind City, who should not have been able to reach the landmark figure of 100 points, in second place with United dropping back to fourth.

More can be seen here.

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