Nicol urges Klopp to splash out on Alisson


Former Liverpool defender Steve Nicol has urged the club to sign Alisson Becker.

The AS Roma number one has been heavily linked with a move to Anfield throughout 2018 and the ex-Scotland international is keen to see him snapped up.

“In a heartbeat.” he said when asked if he would spend the kind of money being talked about.

“We sat here and mulled over the price tag for Van Dijk. Did Van Dijk make a difference? My goodness did he make a difference. This team was transformed with Van Dijk in it.

“So imagine what would happen if they got Alisson. If you want to go for the big prizes you need to have good players and good players cost money.

“But you know what? Liverpool have the money. If you’ve got it, you spend it tomorrow, or in ten minutes’ time, if you’ve got the opportunity.

“Do you buy two average players or one great player? You buy the great player.” he finished.

Many Liverpool supporters will agree with the former defender.

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