Lawyer blames Merseyside Police for violence


The Lawyer representing the Roma fans charged with attacking a Liverpool supporter on Tuesday evening has blamed Mereyside Police for the incident.

Both of his clients have been charged following the altercation outside Anfield prior to kick-off. Filippo Lombardi was charged with violent disorder and wounding/inflict grievous bodily harm, while Daniele Sciuscio was charged with violent disorder.

A large group of Roma fans attacked Liverpool supporters outside the Albert pub at around 19:35 on Tuesday evening and the pair have been reprimanded following an assault on 53 year old Sean Cox, who remains in hospital in an induced coma.

Lombardi and Sciuscio are both well known to Italian authorities of members of the Fedayn group of Ultras and were identified following footage captured of the attack.

But their lawyer, Lorenzo Contucci, believes that the police are to blame for the incident because they should have been more diligent.

“There was terrible policing of public order outside the stadium.” he told AGI news agency.

“The competent authorities had been warned, but there was not a single policeman following these fans from the city centre to the stadium. They were happily allowed to do whatever they wanted.

“Seeing as the serious error was made by the local police, if Roma are to be punished, then I think UEFA also need to look at Liverpool for the senseless approach to public order.

“Within twenty-eight days, the two fans will go to trial, but the accusation of attempted murder has been dropped.

“In case they are found guilty, their sentences will depend on whether the injuries sustained are considered voluntary or not.

“I spoke to the two lads and they both deny the charges. At the moment, one has been charged with violent disorder and the other with inflicting grievous bodily harm.” he finished.

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  1. sure it was the Merseyside Polices fault ….they forced the Italian scum to carry weapons and forced their arms to rain down METAL BUCKLED BELTS on ONE man who was targetted by at least TWENTY Italian scum hooligans KNOWN to the Italian Police


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