‘Suarez better than Salah’ says Nicol


Former Liverpool defender Steve Nicol has had his say on the debate over whether Mohamed Salah has surpassed Luis Suarez.

The ex-Scotland international has sided with the Uruguay international, who left Anfield in 2014 to join Barcelona, when considering which player he would pick in his team.

But he also said that Egypt international Salah has got the better goalscoring return this season, but needs to prove it over a longer period.

“If you’re going by the numbers you’ve got to go with Salah.” he told ESPN.

“It’s not really a straightforward question.

“If you’re going to say to me ‘who would I pick in my team?’, I would take Suarez because Suarez did similar sorts of numbers over a period of seasons.

“Whereas Salah, as incredible as this season has been, do we know that he’s actually going to do it again next year?

“The numbers would tell you Salah.

“Regardless of where the team finishes up, Salah has had the better season.

“It’s a very difficult question to answer straight off the bat, because if you look at the numbers, you have to say Salah.” he finished.

It is likely to be a debate that rages on further over the coming months.

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