Klopp slams Alexander-Arnold critics


Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has leapt to the defence of right-back Trent Alexander-Arnold.

The teenager has been criticised for his performance in the 2-1 loss against Manchester United at Old Trafford on Saturday afternoon, with many singling him out as a reason for both of Marcus Rashford’s goals.

But his manager has come out fighting on behalf of his player and is not accepting that he was to blame for the result.

“I don’t get it. If you wouldn’t tell me, I would never watch it. That makes absolutely no difference to me, what people say.” he is quoted by the Echo.

“What did they say? They said we defended bad? If somebody said it was only Trent’s mistake then the guy who said that has no idea about football and I wouldn’t listen.

“ Dejan in the challenge could be different but it’s difficult.

“Around, everything wrong because we were not there for the second ball and then it’s Trent. I have to see it back again.

“When I saw the goal, for me Rashford did brilliant and exactly in the moment where Trent is ready for the challenge, he made a cut back. He stepped too late and in the next moment he shoots.

“It’s the perfect striker movement, we cannot defend everything. It’s easy afterwards to talk about it but if it’s harsher than last year I have no clue.

“I’m not interested, by the way. They don’t give us points, they don’t cost us points, they are only the deliverer of good and bad messages, that’s all.” he finished.

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