Klopp excited by United game


Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is excited at the prospect of taking his side to face rivals Manchester United this weekend.

“I’m looking forward to it.” he said.

“We need to be at 100% – if not even a few more!” he added.

The German refused to criticise opposite number Jose Mourinho for using defensive tactics in big games – a ploy labelled ‘parking the bus’ by detractors of the perceived negativity.

“I would never use that.” he responded.

“I have absolutely no problem with defending. It’s all about winning.

“When United attack, I hope all my players are involved in defending. If someone says that is ‘parking the bus’, I have no problem with that.”

“In the last few years Manchester United have been more successful than us. We respect that, and this United team has a specific way of playing football.

“If we have to defend there, we have to do so with all we have. It’s not a battle of systems or philosophies – just two very good teams facing each other.

“When they attack, I hope all my players are involved. If people want to say that’s parking the bus, I’m okay with that.

“There are reasons they have two more points than us. We don’t want to show how good we are, we just want a good result.” he continued.

Klopp has been preparing his side for the key clash, which could go a long way to deciding who finishes second behind Manchester City, and has been doing his homework on the Old Trafford side.

“You have to bring the right things on the pitch constantly. Counter-pressing against such a strong counter-attacking team is so important.” he said.

“We have to play football against a very strong side. If they defend deep it won’t make our life easier, but I don’t think they will do that all the time.

“It’s not an attacking team against a defending team. They have massive quality and I respect that.

“It’s a good moment to go there, but it’s still unbelievably difficult.

“They have outstanding quality and are at home, they’re a very experienced team with a very experienced manager.” he finished.

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