Rafa says Klopp needs to win trophies


Former Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez has said that current boss Jurgen Klopp needs to win some silverware with the club.

The German is yet to claim any trophies since arriving at Anfield back in October 2015, despite reaching two finals within months of taking over the role from Brendan Rodgers, who didn’t win anything in his three years at the club.

“I like to watch Liverpool. And if it’s not against them, I hope they play well. I think this is a very good team.” the Spaniard said.

“They play with quality and pace and that is what makes the difference in football. They have a lot of players with pace, especially the front three.

“They are strong physically and they also work very hard. It is a very good team.

“We won four trophies, we played finals, semi-finals, we did well and the people that remember that.

“They don’t talk about this week when we won 5-1 against Aston Villa. They remember maybe when we beat Barcelona and Real Madrid. But they don’t remember the games.

“They remember the stat of winning a trophy. You have to win. I feel they have the potential to do it.

“The best team we had at this time was the team that finished second in the league with 86 points.

“We had Torres, Gerrard, Mascherano, Lucas, everyone was doing well. We were building something for years.

“In the first year, we played the final of the Carling Cup and we won the Champions League but this team was not ready yet.

“People say we were lucky in the final but no, we did really well to get there. The team was working very hard tactically but in terms of quality, we had more of that two or three years after.

“The Champions League team was different, it was at the beginning, in my first year. We were not playing very offensive football.

“In 2009, there was a week when we beat Real Madrid in the Bernabeu 0-1, then we beat Manchester United 1-4, we beat Real Madrid 4-0 and then Aston Villa, who were doing well at the time, 5-1.

“They were days when we were doing so well, attacking, aggressive football. Similar to this Liverpool side.” he finished.

Supporters will hope that Klopp can start putting some silverware in the cabinet.

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