Firmino looking to the stars


Liverpool forward Roberto Firmino has said that he aspires to be as good as the best players in the game.

When asked about his hopes for the rest of his career, the Brazil international said that he was looking to be on the same level as the finest players in Europe.

“Of course I want to be at their level.” he told reporters.

“I am trying to give my maximum for the team and trying to be alongside these great players in Europe.

“But I only focus on playing a good game. If I play a good game then the goals will appear.” he added.

The Samba star was asked how his team have adapted to the loss of compatriot Philippe Coutinho to Spanish giants Barcelona and he reacted positively about the situation.

“Coutinho is a great player and of course when he left that put a greater responsibility on everyone else to perform without him.” he replied.

“But it is our job to deal with greater responsibility and I think we have done that so far.” he finished.

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