Klopp explains not replacing Coutinho


Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has explained why he didn’t sign a replacement for Philippe Coutinho in January.

The Brazil international left the club to sign for Barcelona in a deal worth a reported £145m almost a month ago and fans quickly called for the German to bring in a successor.

But Klopp decided not to dip into the market for a new playmaker and will instead reassess his options in the Summer – which has not gone down well with a lot of fans, but he is ‘staying cool’.

“Unfortunately our business is only from the outside that easy. You miss a player for a week and you think ‘okay, we need another player’.” he is quoted by the Echo.

“Yes, we could have done something. But we need really the right thing. The right thing now, you don’t get. The 100% right thing, only for completely crazy money that really makes no sense.

“I’m not even sure that would work. And in the summer it looks different.

“That’s how it is. To do something just to have any solution that makes no real sense, to be honest.

“People obviously ask ‘bring him in’ because someone is injured and you need somebody else, but then the other one is coming again and you weaken both or the third one, it makes no sense.

“In this situation, you really need to stay cool. It’s more difficult when you’ve lost two games but you need to be serious still.” he finished.

Klopp did spend £75m to bring Virgil Van Dijk to Anfield from Southampton at the beginning of the year.

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  1. Klopp is another Wenger top 4 is not a success it is the bare minimum Liverpool supporters expect
    Courtinho is irreplaceable anyway but he needs players in midfield who will take charge like Souness Liverpool are where they are because the name Liverpool can still attract real quality The problem is they have to many average players that Klopp is happy with a defence that are simply awful and 2 goalkeepers that would struggle to get into a Sunday league side
    Klopp must stop his eccentric and baffoonery Stop putting profit over performance
    I want a team of winners who hate losing and who give 100 per cent His team have got to stop the lame excuses that ‘we know we got to do better’ they are paid a fortune not to give mediocrity

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