Van Dijk shows his class


Liverpool defender Virgil Van Dijk has proved that he is a class act off the pitch as well as on it.

The Holland international has had a young fan tracked down so that a signed shirt can be sent to him this week after he rushed past supporters as he arrived to watch the 2-1 win over Leicester City at Christmas.

Season ticket holder Rocco Daly has been sent the gift by the club on behalf of the centre-back and his father Jason has revealed how pleased they are with the generosity of the new Kop favourite.

“He was absolutely gobsmacked when he got home from school and opened the package – he couldn’t believe it. I still don’t think he can.” he said.

“He was bouncing around the house all night, showing his brother and phoning his nan, his uncle and other family and friends to tell them.

“He couldn’t get to sleep that night because he was so excited, and he was still buzzing when we took him to school the next morning.

“I really think it’s an amazing gesture by Virgil. He didn’t have to do it, he didn’t have to go out of his way, but the fact he has means everything to Rocco and to me because it’s made my little lad so happy. We really can’t thank him enough.

“It was the best day ever and I can’t say thank you enough to Virgil. I am going to frame it and keep it forever.” he finished.

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