Goretzka on his way to Premier League


Schalke midfielder Leon Goretzka is on his way to England.

That is according to German national team general manager Oliver Bierhoff – who appears to have accidentally let slip that the youngster is heading to the Premier League.

“We feel that England, because of the amount of money you have with TV rights, young talented players like Leroy Sané and Leon Goretzka are moving to England and this is not good for our league but also for the quality of our game.” he said.

“We have to pay attention and invest again and again in the education of our coaches.” he added.

Liverpool and Arsenal have both been strongly linked with offers for the twenty-two year old, as well as Spanish giants Barcelona and German powerhouse Bayern Munich.

But it appears that an English club have persuaded Goretzka that his future is best served by rejecting interest from the continent and that he should make his way to England in the Summer.

Tottenham Hotspur have also been linked with a move for the Germany international in recent weeks, but not to the same level as the speculation that has seen him touted as a potential addition to either Jurgen Klopp or Arsene Wenger’s squads.

Liverpool fans will be hoping to see him follow another Bundesliga midfielder in the shape of Naby Keita to Anfield next year.

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  1. OK. Unfortunately, whether by design, politics or committee, we miss many opportunities for good players who become available at different times. We read all the time about Klopp et al are watching, or are interested in a particular player. But that interest comes to nothing. Yes, we have Keita to join us in the new year but there should be others and notably defensive players. We are not badly off for attack and midfield but the back is weak and have scored too many faults and errors – many costing us wins and and points. They know who they are yet are still given places in the next and subsequent matches. This is nonsense, where has the “play for your place” mentality gone. Needs to be revitalised soonest .././.


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