Carragher backs Coutinho to join Barcelona

    Carragher believes this could be Coutinho’s last season here

    Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher has backed Philippe Coutinho to join Barcelona, but not for another year.

    The ex-Reds vice-captain reckons that supporters should enjoy him this season, if he stays, and accept that he will make the move to Spain next year if the bid comes in for him.

    “Hopefully we can get twelve more months out of him.” he told

    “When he signed his five-year deal, I didn’t think that he would see it out.

    “There is no doubt that at one stage in his career Philippe will want to play for one of the Spanish giants as many of the South American players do.

    “Barcelona and Real Madrid are seen as the two biggest teams in world football who always have the best players.

    “I think that Liverpool fans should really enjoy him over the next twelve months as if a big money offer does come in at the end of next season and if the player wants to play for Barcelona then there is not really much LFC can do.

    “Let’s just hope we see him in a Liverpool shirt next season, which I think we will, and then let’s see where things go from there.” he finished.

    Supporters will be hopeful that Carragher is right in that Coutinho will be a Liverpool player for the upcoming season.

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