Klopp not looking at plan B yet

    Klopp has decided on who he wants to sign

    Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is refusing to give up on his top Summer transfer targets.

    The German boss has identified Southampton defender Virgil Van Dijk and RB Leipzig midfielder Naby Keita as his priorities ahead of the 2017/18 season and remains in the hunt for the pair.

    And despite each deal proving very complicated and difficult to get done, Klopp remains optimistic of landing the duo and refusing to look at other options yet.

    “We pretty much have all you need. But at the end it is still business.” he said.

    “You go out and see the car that you have been dreaming about your whole life. “You say ‘here is the money’ but they say to you ‘I don’t want to sell the car’. You say ‘but I have got the money’ but they say ‘I don’t want to sell’.

    “They say ‘go for another car in another colour’ but you say ‘that’s ok but I want this’. Things like this happen in life, not only football.

    “It is pretty simple. You can imagine how it works. It is not that we are doing something that other clubs are not doing – that we are more silly or they are more smart.

    “If I could decide alone, we would be complete from the last day of last season – done, shoot, there’s the new team, thank you very much – but that is dreamland.

    “I can imagine if you are not involved it is annoying for fans. They think ‘oh my God! Nothing happens here! Everything happens there!’ We cannot think like this.

    “I would have liked to have everyone here for the first day of training at the latest. But that is not possible anymore and probably won’t be possible again in the world, especially in England. So why should I moan about it?

    “It is always complicated. I read in Germany that there are still transfers in the Bundesliga for £5million. You can imagine that happening in England? No chance. Yet it is similar quality.

    “You are in a circle and that is how it works here. It’s not that we don’t want to spend. It is all about doing the right things.”

    Klopp said that he has the full backing of the owners at Anfield as he seeks to get his top targets into the squad.

    “100%. Ok, I didn’t ask if I could buy Ronaldo or the other guys from Barcelona but I am absolutely fine with this.” he said.

    “If they could make it quicker, you can imagine they would be here and trying. It’s not about money or something like this.

    “It is not about a number. It is about how it fits together. We will see.

    “I felt we all ready had a pretty good side last year, especially when everyone is fit and that gives me a good feeling.” he continued.

    Supporters will be hoping to see the pair signed this Summer – but not as much as Klopp himself.


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