Reds open talks over Van Dijk deal

    Van Dijk is reported to be keen on moving to Anfield

    Liverpool have opened talks over a deal to sign Virgil Van Dijk from Southampton.

    That’s according to lawyer Daniel Vanderkamp, who has plenty of experience working in the game, with his claims that the Saints have opted to reopen negotiations.

    The South African also claims that the centre-back may not have to hand in a transfer request to see the move come to fruition this Summer.

    Southampton made a complaint about an “illegal approach” from Anfield for the Holland international, but this was dismissed when insufficient evidence was found by the authorities.

    Reds boss Jurgen Klopp was asked about the speculation on Wednesday evening but said that he could not comment on the situation.

    “It would be very wrong for me to talk about this.” he said.


    1. No worries over transfers yet! We’re not losing any top players compared to other teams & at least are looking to sign players that will improve the team compared to previous years when some incomings where a bit dubious!
      If we get van dyke & Kiera what a team we will have! I don’t know about correa but for price is a top quality signing! & Future looks great but for 1 we need a left back! I don’t doubt milner is capable what a revelation but he needs back up for this season, so a player like Robertson would be ok!
      Get these & I will be well confident of winning league this year!!
      Transfer requests from kieta & van dyke will get them for us we just need to wait, we might not get them until the end of preseason but getting them is what matters but I’m sure klopp has others ready if he can’t get these 2 like de Vries
      But kloops lack of looking at others makes me think he’ll get his men but why we need another right wing is a bit much with ox a possible still if we need attackers a left winger may be better but correa can play left buys he’s better on right but with klopp we have someone could prepare them all to play left or right! I have total confidence

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