Liverpool to sign Mohammed Salah


    The reds have experienced a mixed season and it is not out of place to say that they still need a lot of work to get things right. Now, one of the pundits was saying that a bet on Liverpool to qualify for the UEFA Champions League will be better as against Arsenal that is always a letdown to England in the competition. But the problem is that Liverpool has also been consistently inconsistent in the premier league this season. So, anybody giving you free​ football betting tips should allot the slot to Liverpool with caution.

    However, with their emphatic defeat of West Ham United, they have given a green light that they can still rise to the occasion when it matters.

    Because playing in the Champions League will get them to play more football next term, they are looking to bolster every department of their squad and the Egyptian has been spotted as one that will fit the clubs philosophy well. Liverpool has never been a football club that will play it the sweet sexy manner. It has always been the strength, the runs, the long passes, and the counters, and Mohamed Salah has proven to be a great fit for this pattern of football.

    He has the pace. In fact, he is one of the swiftest footballers in the globe and he can also shoot very well. Another good thing that is going for him is that he already had an English football experience under Chelsea, plus, he is young.

    The Kop formally set their sights on Julian Brandt of Bayer Leverkusen, but because the German is seriously plotting to get into the German national squad, he has come out to talk up his desire for a top four finish. He is not looking to move to any club where he will be a supplementary attacker instead of taking up the lead role and that may not likely happen in Liverpool. Having players like Sadio Mane, Philippe Coutinho, and Roberto Firmino in the front of Liverpool lineup, he understands that he will not be in the lineup on a regular basis.
    He keeps saying that there is no guarantee of playing if he is to move. But, he is sure of getting the time of play he needs at Leverkusen so he made up his mind no to join the reds.

    That was when Liverpool turned their sights on Mohamed Salah.

    They believe that being a player who can serve as a center forward and also an attacking midfielder, he can be of great advantage to them. They had previously wanted to sign him in 2014 after opening talks with Basel the year before. But it was Chelsea that eventually got him. This happened with just a phone call from José Mourinho, even after Liverpool made several offers to Basel.

    But he did not have much success with the blues after he made a £11 million switch. This saw him go on loan to Fiorentina and Roma, before Roma signed him permanently last year. At the Roma stadium, he has made himself a hero by scoring 13 goals and 10 assists already, something no other player in the team has done. His contract with Roma runs till 2019 and with the recent threat from Lazio fans, he will be open to the move.

    Though Roma is not looking to extend its contract as they have a lot to handle at the moment, Liverpool must come up with a good offer if they are supposed to get their man.

    Liverpool also is looking in the way of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. They like him because he can cover several positions at the same time. With the 23 years old English man about to get into the last year of his contract, Liverpool is looking to use the opportunity to make their bid.

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