Barnes reveals his dream signings

    Barnes has had his say on how Liverpool should play the market

    Liverpool legend John Barnes has spoken about the prospects for the club in the Summer when manager Jurgen Klopp comes to trying to improve his squad.

    The German is set to make moves in the transfer market when the campaign ends and Barnes has revealed his dream signings.

    “I’d love to see Ronaldo, Reus and Manuel Neuer, but that’s not happening,” Barnes to The International Business Times on behalf of Business Code Bets.

    “In terms of the best players in the world, if they are coming to England, they are going to go to Manchester City, they’re going to go to Chelsea, they’re going to go to Manchester United.

    “They are going to go to these clubs before Liverpool.

    “The advantage we have is that we trust Jurgen Klopp enough to make the decision to buy some players in Germany or wherever that he knows can do what he wants.

    “If you are talking to me about the obvious players who I would like to see coming, there is no point mentioning them because they are not coming to Liverpool.

    “We are unique in that. Unless it’s going to be a £40m or £50m signing that everybody knows is a world-class player, the Arsenal fans will be disappointed. The Chelsea fans will be disappointed.

    “Liverpool fans trust Jurgen Klopp enough to know that he may sign a player we’ve never heard of, but we trust him enough to get the best out of that player.” he continued.

    The situation regarding striker Daniel Sturridge has been gaining plenty of column inches in the press and Barnes feels that when fully fit, the England international should be in the side – and will be.

    “I think he’s got a contract, so, unless someone comes in and makes a bid that Liverpool accept and are obviously going to pay him the salary that he wants, he will remain at Anfield.” he said.

    “When people talk about players leaving clubs, first of all you need somebody to buy them and you need somebody to match their wages. If that doesn’t happen, players stay at clubs.

    “If that doesn’t happen, and, with his injury record, clubs may not come in for him, it’s a question of if Daniel Sturridge is fit, of course he’s going to be in Liverpool’s team. Fit and motivated.

    “If Daniel Sturridge is injured, obviously this is when the question marks come up against him and about his future at Liverpool.

    “But as I said, unless somebody is willing to pay the salary that Daniel Sturridge is on and pay the transfer fee, he will be at Liverpool next year.” he said.

    Barnes doesn’t feel that Klopp made a mistake in not bringing in new faces when he was posed the question during the interview.

    “Not necessarily, no, because you need to get players who are better than you have.” he responded.

    “You end up spending £60m in January and not improving. I’ve never felt January was a time to sign.

    “The fans might be disappointed, but I’m not too disappointed. Obviously because of the way that December went, we assume that if we make signings in January it will be better.

    “But we really don’t know, because it’s depending on which players we could get.

    “I know that Jurgen Klopp would sign players who he believes can improve the squad, but don’t just sign players for the sake of it, which is probably what they used to do in the past.

    “Whereas now it’s the right thing to do to not make signings just because it’s January and you feel you need players.” he continued.

    Barnes went on to give his view on when fans can expect the Premier League title to finally arrive at Anfield, with the last league championship all the way back in 1989/90 when he was in the side.

    “How long’s a piece of string, as Kenny Dalglish will tell you. Who knows? You can never tell.” he said.


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