Klopp questioned over corruption

    Klopp has “no experience” of corruption in the game

    Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp was asked about corruption in football at his press conference today.

    And the German manager told the gathered journalists that it was a waste of time asking him as he has “no experience of it”.

    This week saw England manager Sam Allardyce leave his job after just sixty-seven days and Barnsley assistant manager Tommy Wright sacked following covert filming by the Telegraph.

    The subject was raised at Klopp’s press conference ahead of Saturday’s game with Swansea City and he gave it short shrift.


    “It’s a problem for me to speak about this because I don’t understand how you all jump on this.” he said.

    “I have nothing to say. I have no experience of it.

    “I can’t be as excited talking about it as you are – that’s all. It’s not a positive thing.

    “I have no experience of it so I have nothing to say.” he finished.

    It will come as a relief, but no surprise, to Liverpool supporters.

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