Ayre says Coutinho among his favourite signings

    Ayre will leave Anfield next Summer

    Liverpool CEO Ian Ayre has revealed that Philippe Coutinho is among his favourite signings for the club.

    Ayre, who will leave the club next Summer to join German second tier club 1860 Munich, was speaking to FC Business about his time with Liverpool.

    “I have also loved being involved in transfers, the buying and selling of big players.” he said.

    “We always approach the transfer window with the same objectives, to do the best we can do and as efficiently as possible.

    “We have good windows and bad windows but it’s other influences that often dictate how well it goes.

    “You win some and you lose some but there have been highs and lows.

    “My favourite signings have included Philippe Coutinho.

    “I remember sitting in the corridors of Inter Milan for the CEO for what felt like five days, trying to convince him to sell Coutinho to us, and then jetting him back to Liverpool in time for him to sign before transfer deadline day.” he finished.

    Coutinho has certainly proved to be a successful addition to the squad since his arrival in January 2012.

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