Wijnaldum says he can be better

    Wijnaldum in action against Chelsea

    Liverpool midfielder Georginio Wijnaldum has spoken about the start he has made to his career with the club.

    The Dutch international has been deployed in a deeper midfield position than the one he became used to at Newcastle United last season.

    After his £25m switch to Anfield from St James’ Park, Wijnaldum has been operating in a less attacking role under Jurgen Klopp and the twenty-five year old has spoken about his adjustment under the German boss.

    “He doesn’t really give a lot of jobs to players. He tells me to be free and play how I can play. But sometimes it is different.” he told Liverpoolfc.com

    “It depends on what the other players are doing. You have to look at the other players. For example, if Lallana goes forward and Henderson also goes, I have to stay.

    “Sometimes I have to get used to it because, normally, I’m the one who goes all the time. Now, I have to also look at the other players.

    “That’s the thing that has changed the most in my way of football, that I have to look more at the other players.

    “It is difficult and it still is. In the teams where I played before, I was the one who was running all the time to make a goal and I came into more positions to make goals.

    “Now it’s not so often, it’s a few times in a game. But we have more players to come into that position, so more players who can score a goal.

    “I think that’s better for the team, because if you only have one player who can score goals it can be a problem.

    “We have more players who can come into that position and have the quality to score goals. It makes it easier for the team.

    “I already have a good feeling but not the feeling I will have when I’ve been at the club for a few months.

    “It always takes me time but it has gone well so far, everyone is trying to help me, not only the players but also the coaches and the physios.

    “Everyone here is doing their best to give me a good feeling and it gives me a good feeling. Step by step, I will have the best feeling.

    “It must be better and I know I can be better, because I can show a lot more than I already showed. Unfortunately, sometimes it will take time.

    “That’s how it is and that’s why I have confidence and faith in my qualities — it will come. It’s a nice squad with good coaches and everything is here to be a better player.

    “So I look forward to that with a lot of confidence and faith and I’m happy to be here.

    “I feel blessed that I can be here.” he finished.

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