Ibe says Bournemouth “are fighting for the same things” as Reds

    Ibe celebrates scoring for his new side against Cardiff City

    Former Liverpool winger Jordon Ibe has said that he thinks his new club Bournemouth “are fighting for the same things” as the Reds.

    Ibe, who joined the Premier League side in a £15m deal earlier this Summer, has said that the lack of European football at Anfield means that his new side are in the same position.

    It suggests Ibe does not think Liverpool can challenge for the title this season and will be aiming to win a domestic cup at best.

    “It was a tough one but I needed to think what was best for me, which is playing, and when you scale it up, Liverpool and Bournemouth are fighting for the same things.” he told The Times.

    “It was a kind of surprise, there were mixed emotions, that is life, they had great players and I just felt it was time to leave and crack on.

    “The manager told me that Eddie Howe showed interest and not being in the Europa League and Champions League there would be limited chances to play so I thought it would be the best move to come here.

    “Liverpool are not in the Europa League so would it really make a difference? And I would have more chances to play at Bournemouth than Liverpool so it doesn’t really matter.” he continued.

    Ibe also said that he “was a bit upset” when Brendan Rodgers was sacked last October.

    “I was a bit upset when Brendan left. It came as a shock. The players didn’t find out through him, it just happened after one game and we had to move on from that. Klopp is another good manager and I enjoyed my time with him.” he finished.


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