A view from an Arsenal fan

    Liverpool in action at the Emirates a year ago

    We’ve spoken to Lee from DailyCannon.com to get his views ahead of Sunday’s game between Arsenal and Liverpool at the Emirates.

    How do you feel Arsenal’s transfer window has gone so far and where do you still need to strengthen?

    It hasn’t been the best up until this point, that’s for sure. Granit Xhaka looks a bargain at £35m and Rob Holding has impressed which is handy as he’s likely to be thrown in at the deep end against Liverpool this weekend.
    Takuma Asano looks like a bright spark but quite what the club plan to do with him is still not clear.
    We desperately need a striker and at least one centreback. We could also probably do with a right-back as Mathieu Debuchy will leave and a right-sided attacker wouldn’t be a bad idea given that Theo Walcott has been rubbish for a long time now.

    How do you think Liverpool have done for signings and sales?

    From what I’ve seen, Jurgen Klopp has done some good business. He hasn’t been blinded by big names or huge price tags like some are in this league and has simply tried to build the best squad he can, purchasing players who will complement each other. That’s why he will build success over the long term unlike someone like Mouinho who is all about the flash, bang.

    Where do you think each team will finish in the Premier League and who will win it?

    It’s hard to see beyond United at this point given their spending and lack of Champions League football. Liverpool and Chelsea, with an even freer schedule, should push them all the way meaning that this is likely to be one of the toughest seasons yet for Arsenal and Arsene Wenger. I can’t see Arsenal having a chance of winning the league at all this season, but Wenger has made a fool of me more than once so who knows.

    Which Liverpool players do you fear most and would like to see Arsenal sign?

    I know many Arsenal fans don’t, but I have a soft spot for Philippe Coutinho though I’m not sure he’d get in our team. Of course, Daniel Sturridge with all his injury problems seems like he was made especially for Arsenal. Sadio Mane is hugely underrated as well, but Sturridge would probably be the only player I’d like Arsenal to sign – if he ever manages to get fit (although that doesn’t tend to stop Wenger).

    Where do you stand on Arsene Wenger and are you disappointed Arsenal didn’t go for Jürgen Klopp?

    I’m a huge Arsene Wenger fan but last season was the first time I really felt it was time for a change. I’d love nothing more than to see him turn it around but I really do think it’s time for him to step down. I would have loved Klopp. Not only is he a great manager, he’s a really nice bloke too and that matters at Arsenal. It’s not just about winning at all costs, but how you act while you are doing it.

    What’s your prediction for Sunday’s game and who will get the goals?

    It depends on if Arsene Wenger decides to play his usual possession game, in which case I see Liverpool picking us off, or if he goes more defensive as he tends to against the likes of City or Barcelona – high praise – if he does that, I can’t see us losing.
    A 2-2 draw would be my pick, with Alexis and Walcott scoring for Arsenal.


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