Free Premier League betting game


    Liverpool v Manchester City - Capital One Cup FinalIf you enjoy Premier League football but have not made the leap into real money betting, may be perfect for you.

    FanBet is a free bookmaker that allows you to place fantasy bets on Premier League games using a £5,000 credit based bankroll. You get the exact same experience you would at a real money bookmaker but without the fear of loss.

    The free betting game at Fanbet is a weekly sponsored event where the top ten fantasy bettors share a cash prize pool. As FanBet does not accept money from its members it is 100% free to play worldwide, as long as you are 18 or older of course.

    FanBet runs this cool free betting game as a way to generate tips data for it’s more serious punters who are looking to follow successful players, or those on hot streaks. With FanBet you can follow savvy players and see their picks before game time, then copy their picks at a real money bookmaker to improve your chances of winning.

    In addition to free betting and football tips, FanBet also allows you to compare odds from leading bookies, see live scores, log standings, chat with fans worldwide and claim generous bookmaker promotions.

    For more information and to signup for free visit


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