Kopworld supports Sign For Life


    Sign for Life logoKopworld is proud to support Sign For Life – an initiative run by the NHS and targeted at football fans up & down the country.

    Right now there are over 6,500 people in the UK who are waiting for a donor organ to either improve their quality of life or even to keep them alive. A shocking statistic that every single day, 3 people die waiting for a suitable organ for their transplant.

    Between 2014 and 2015, the number of organ donors in the UK went down for the first time in 11 years and the number of transplant operations also decreased by 5% meaning that 224 people missed out on a potentially life-saving organ transplant. 

    Sign for Life is an initiative that aims to share information about organ donation and encourage fans of football clubs throughout the UK, from Premiership teams to the lower leagues, to sign up for the Organ Donor Register.

    NHSBT have chosen to work alongside football clubs, because of the passion of the fans to support not just the team, but to also get behind important initiatives like this.

    It’s also not just about signing up to the register – it’s also very important for potential donors to talk to their partners and families about the decision so they know about their wishes. It can be a tough subject to bring up, but the fact that one person can make a real difference to several others means that it’s a very important conversation to have.

    As Sally Johnson, Director of Organ Donation at NHSB, says: “To save more lives through organ donation we need it to be a subject that we all talk about, in everyday conversation. We need more people to join the NHS Organ Donor Register and to tell their families they want to be an organ donor”.

    So even though Bill Shankly may have said that football’s more important than life and death for his fans, here’s a chance to get behind something that really is that vital by joining the Organ Donor Register today.


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