Gerrard describes Mourinho as “dream” boss


    Ex-Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard has said that Jose Mourinho would be his “dream” manager.

    GerrardMourinhoMourinho was linked with the position at Anfield in 2004, but the club would not speak to him before Gerard Houllier left the manager’s position and Chelsea pounced to seal a deal for the Portuguese.

    Rafa Benitez ended up moving from Valencia to take the job, but Gerrard has said that he would have liked Mourinho to have “sampled Liverpool”.

    “I never, ever regretted representing Liverpool.” he told BBC Sport.

    “I was the captain. I had huge responsibilities to try and make Liverpool successful, not Chelsea.

    “Chelsea were in a much more powerful position with the owner that they had.

    “The dream for me would have been if Mourinho would have come and maybe sampled Liverpool for a few years.

    “I’m sure he could’ve added a couple of trophies to my collection.”

    Gerrard wouldn’t rule out the notion of Mourinho taking over from current manager Brendan Rodgers either, when he was asked the question.

    “Who knows? Who knows?” he responded.

    “Why wouldn’t he? He’s one of the best managers in the world, so of course he would be a good fit.” he added.

    Gerrard also revealed that he would like to work with Mourinho in some capacity in the future.

    “Further down the line I am going to be available for coaching roles and I do want to learn from the best, so who knows?” he finished.

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