Gascoigne reveals Liverpool rejection


    Former England international Paul Gascoigne has revealed that he turned down the chance to join Liverpool during his career.

    GazzaThe charismatic midfielder was given offers from the Reds as well as Manchester United and West Ham before deciding to join Tottenham Hotspur in 1988.

    Gascoigne was being interviewed by Paul Merson for Sky Sports’ Fantasy Football Club programme and he revealed that Kenny Dalglish had called him with an offer.

    But Spurs’ then-chairman Irving Scholar’s agreement to buy a house for Gascoigne’s family swung the deal for the north London club.

    “I knew they were struggling money-wise, and I did not really want to leave, but when Peter [Beardsley] went I was devastated.” he told Merson.

    “There were rumours coming in that I wanted to leave, so what I did was I got Jimmy Five Bellies to pretend to be my agent and get us to sign for West Ham to get away, but Newcastle would not let us go.

    “I spoke to Liverpool and Kenny Dalglish – Kenny was funny. I got a phone call and I said: ‘Yeah’ and he says: ‘It’s Kenny Dalglish and I’m interested in buying you’ and after ten minutes I turn round to my dad and said: ‘I have not got a clue what he is saying!’

    “And I went: ‘Yeah OK then, cheers, I’ll call you back!’ But I did not have a clue what he was on about! And that has come from a Geordie!

    “And then there was almost the Man Utd move. That was weird. I told Sir Alex that I was definitely coming. And he said: ‘Are you definitely coming, because I am going on holiday?’ ‘Yes,’ and he says: ‘Cheers, Gazza, I will see you when I get back.’

    “OK, so I am heading towards Old Trafford and the phone goes and it is Irving Scholar and he says: ‘Listen, we will buy your family a house.’ So I say to dad: ‘Spurs are going to buy us a family house.’

    “So I ring Man Utd and they could not match buying us a house and I always wanted to get my family a house, the way we were brought up. So I ring my dad back and he says: ‘I’ve found a house’ and this was only 10 minutes later and he had already found a house!

    “So I put the phone down and I went to Spurs: ‘I think I will be heading towards Tottenham, but I will see though.’ And then all of a sudden the phone goes and it is my dad and he says: ‘Paul I forgot to tell you the house has a garage, so can I have a BMW, the new one?’

    “So I went to Irving Scholar: ‘Can my dad have a car?’ And he said: ‘OK’ and so I said: ‘Right, I am definitely coming now and I am on my way!’ Then the phone went again, it was Lindsay and it was classic: ‘Paul, if mum is getting a house and dad is getting a car, I want a sunbed.’

    “So can you imagine me ringing Irving and saying: ‘Listen, I will definitely sign now, the deal is on, but can I have a sun bed thrown in as well?!’ And he went: ‘Just make your way here will you? It is done.’ And I went to Lindsay: ‘I’ve got your sunbed!'” he finished.

    He could have been some player in the Liverpool side of that era.

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