Montolivo tells Balotelli to prove his worth


    AC Milan aptain Riccardo Montolivo says new signing Mario Balotelli must prove that he has “really changed in his behaviour”.

    BalotelliRMBalotelli has returned to the Italian club in a loan deal and has stated his determination to change from being “a boy”.

    And Montolivo has challenged the twenty-five year old to prove that it is the case and not just more empty promises.

    “He has to show on the long term that he really changed in his behaviour.” he said.

    “I hope he does that, because he can be an extra resource for the team. He has the club and the team’s support.

    Montolivo is hoping that Balotelli can help the Rossoneri qualify for the Champions League this season.

    “The Champions League? It’s tough to watch others playing it, we want to go back to being in it ourselves.” he continued.

    “When you’re out of it, these are the most difficult days.

    “It’s our duty and our responsibility. The club worked well on the transfer market, now it’s our turn.

    “But objectives are not to be declared, they are only to be met.” he finished.

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