Danny Ings shirt number is revealed


    New Liverpool striker Danny Ings will wear the number 28 shirt next season.

    IngsGerrardThe England under-21 international moved from relegated Burnley after his contract expired with them at the start of the month.

    He will wear the shirt number made most famous by Steven Gerrard back in the late nineties and early new millennium.

    Other former holders of the number 28 shirt include Nicky Rizzo, Bruno Cheyrou, Damien Plessis and Christian Poulsen.

    Ings was offered a lower, and more prestigious, shirt number but he felt that he needed to earn the right to wear one.

    “I would make sure I am established before taking any of those numbers.” he said of the 7, 8 and 9 shirts.

    “It is such a huge club. That was the thinking behind it. I wouldn’t want to go to Liverpool and chuck a shirt on my back like that, it is pressure you don’t need.

    “The expectation at clubs like that is huge. Obviously I am going to work my socks off to earn that kind of number one day. For now I will take a high number and work hard.” he concluded.



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