Carragher prefers Bellamy to Balotelli


    Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher has said that he would rather be part of team including Craig Bellamy than Mario Balotelli.

    BellamyCarraThe Italian international has had a poor season at Anfield after signing from AC Milan last Summer and has been criticised by Sky Sports‘ pundit Carragher.

    Both former Manchester City forwards have had negative reputations in the media and with fans, but Carragher has said that the Welsh international would be his pick of the two.

    “Similar to Suarez, you’d hear reports of people saying that he is a bad apple and don’t go near him. But I always look at it in terms of training and playing.” Carragher said to Graham Hunter on The Big Interview.

    “If someone is a bad egg or gets into trouble now and then, you’ve got to balance it out against what they give you on the pitch.

    “I call someone a bad egg when he doesn’t train properly or doesn’t try in a game.

    “Bellamy was a warrior in games and training. He goes in the gym before and after training. Yes, he has a mouth on him and he’ll have an outburst every now and then.

    “If I was a coach or a manager, the thought of trying to get someone to train and give 100 per cent every day, whereas Bellamy and Suarez want to train every day and play like their life dependent. They’re the people you want in your squad.

    “Yes, you’d prefer rather not have the trouble along with it but I’d much rather that then someone like Mario Balotelli, who you’re struggling to get on the pitch.” he finished.

    Balotelli’s agent has revealed that the striker is not going to be leaving Liverpool this Summer. Bellamy left to join Cardiff City in the Summer of 2012.

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