Aldridge blames “bad recruitment” for season


    Former Liverpool striker John Aldridge has blamed “bad recruitment” for this disappointing season at the club.

    LovrenBalotelliReds’ manager Brendan Rodgers came within two points of the title last season, but lost star striker Luis Suarez to Barcelona in the Summer.

    The money recouped from that sale wasn’t spent as well as the fans would hope and several players, most notably Mario Balotelli and Dejan Lovren, have been massive disappointments this season.

    And Aldridge hasn’t hesitated to point it out.

    “It’s easy to point the finger at individuals, and to look at the various examples of mismanagement, throughout the club, that have gone on in the last twenty five years.” he told the Echo.

    “But for me, Liverpool’s demise comes down to one thing above all others; bad recruitment.

    “It’s a hot topic at the moment, transfers. It always is, to be honest. But in my eyes, it’s the single biggest reason why Liverpool fell off their perch, and the main reason they have been unable to get back on there

    “Think about it; how many players have we signed since that last title win? I’ll tell you, it’s 185. One hundred and eighty-five players brought into the club. How many of those players would you say were unqualified successes? I’d suggest not many. Fifty, maybe? How many, on the other hand, have been unqualified failures? I’d estimate, conservatively, at least one hundred.

    “A hundred footballers signed by this club in the last quarter of a century, who would not have got into our reserve team during the 1970s and 80s. That tells you everything. Whoever the manager, whoever is in charge of the signings. We just don’t buy well enough, and it costs us dearly.” he concluded.

    Liverpool signed eight first-team players last Summer and very few have been good enough to be labelled a success so far.

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