Rodgers wants Ferguson to apologise to Henderson


    Manager Brendan Rodgers has hit out at Alex Ferguson over his derogatory comments on Reds midfielder Jordan Henderson in his autobiography.

    The former Old Trafford boss also criticised Liverpool’s decision to appoint Rodgers after the dismissal of legend Kenny Dalglish – but Rodgers has taken that on the chin and is more bothered by the Scot’s verdict on his midfield man.

    henrod“It is all about opinion. I’m not here to publicise his book, he’s had enough coverage this week as it is,’ said Rodgers said.

    “The one thing I would add is I was bitterly disappointed on Jordan Henderson.

    “Sir Alex is someone who worked with and nurtured young players and so the statement in terms of Jordan was inappropriate really.

    “Having worked with him for over a season, you won’t get a more honest player.

    “He is a young player fighting for his career in the game. He is only 23 and looking to improve.

    “In the time he has been here he has improved and improved, and I think when Kenny signed him I thought it was a great signing.

    “He was outstanding at Sunderland but going to a big club was going to take him time.

    “There was reference to his running style and his gait but every player is different.

    “Everyone is medically assessed, you all have strengths and weaknesses, and over the course of their career the elements of their physical and technical qualities will be improved.

    “I am sure somewhere along the line, if Sir Alex bumps into Jordan, he will apologise for that because I don’t think it was right and especially (from) someone who knows every word to a young player is important.”

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