Glen Driscoll on TRX Training & LFC’s Best Ever Shape


    Glen Driscoll has spoken of his confidence that Liverpool FC will return to action later this year in the best shape they’ve ever been in. With pre-season training having already kicked-off at Melwood, players have faced intensive double-sessions almost every day which include exceptionally challenging and effective TRX workouts.

    Head of Performance Driscoll is so far extremely encouraged by the progress the team has made and says he cannot wait for the August 17th home game with Stoke City, officially kicking off Liverpool’s new campaign for Premiership glory.

    glen_driscoll“These days players do look after themselves when they’re away from the club and we’ve probably come back better than we did last season for a number of reasons,” Driscoll beamed this week.

    “It always helps when you’ve got a manager in place and the targets we set at the end of last season have to be adhered to.

    “The players get back and they have to make sure they’re within the targets we set them, otherwise they have extra sessions in order to do so. There’s always an incentive for them to come back in good shape.

    “The whole point of pre-season is to get the players able to cope with 90 minutes of football without injury – and that’s why we do doubles (training sessions). It enables us to increase the volume and modify the intensity so we can get them fast-tracked into achieving that fitness.

    “The reason we want to get them to that level of fitness and able to hit 90 minutes of football as quick as possible is because, by the time the season starts, we want them on a rhythm of games.  So, come Stoke, it’ll be like their fourth game – and then we’re up and running.”

    While it’s common knowledge that Driscoll teams up with medical experts and scientists to create unique workout regimes for each player, the Liverpool team as a whole is put through its paces with TRX.

    TRX is essentially a concentrated and high-intensity form of training that helps build massive core strength and the kind of stamina needed for players to go the full 90 in high gear. The use of unique positions and movements has been found to deliver truly explosive results, while at the same time improving flexibility and significantly lowering the risk of common football related injuries.

    What makes TRX a universally appropriate training method for Liverpool FC is the way in which routines and exercises are 100% scalable. This means that TRX fits in perfectly with the tailored training programs each and every player is given and allows for precise monitoring of performance and improvements as training progresses.

    And what makes the TRX system such an excellent choice for amateur and professionals footballers alike is the way in which it is extremely lightweight and portable and any personal trainer in Liverpool can easily adopt it. There are no heavy weights to carry and no specific anchor points needed to use the straps and harnesses – all players can continues their intense workout regimes no matter where they may be called to travel.

    You can find out more about TRX training and other techniques used by the LFC squad at Tim Hayes Lifestyle Fitness.

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