Arsenal need to up Suarez bid


    Arsenal’s bid of £40m isn’t “anywhere near” good enough to be accepted, according to Brendan Rodgers.

    A bid of £40m plus one pound extra has been made by Arsenal this week and quickly rejected by Liverpool – but Suarez wants to speak to the North London club after the approach triggered a clause in his contract which allows him to be notified of the bid and to speak to the bidder.

    “If Arsenal want the player they have to produce the value for the player,” Rodgers told the Liverpool Echo.

    ls“There was an offer a few weeks ago of £35m and two weeks later it is now £40m and £1. I don’t think it is anywhere near the value of what he is worth.

    “It is two-fold really. A player may want to go, but then somebody has to pay the value or worth of that player.”

    Suarez made his first appearance in a Liverpool shirt in the 2-0 win over Melbourne Victory in Australia yesterday, setting up Iago Aspas for the second goal – but his body language seemed to make it very clear how he felt about playing.

    After the game, Rodgers said: “There’s nothing new to report. He is very much a Liverpool player and over the course of the next couple of weeks we’ve got to get him up to speed.”

    The Liverpool boss went on to remind Suarez of the support he has received from Liverpool fans despite his courting controversy after controversy in his spell at Anfield.

    “The support he has received from the supporters and the people of the city of Liverpool has been unrivalled,” Rodgers said.

    “In this period of time he’s missed a lot of games for the club through various reasons. The people have stood by him like a son and really looked after him. Whatever happens in the coming weeks that will be in his mind because it’s something you can never forget.”

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