Rodgers not interested in Fair Play Euro spot


    Brendan Rodgers insists he wants Liverpool to qualify for Europe, but not via the route of the Fair Play league.

    The Reds have a slim chance of being involved in next season’s Europa League via the fair play route, the system that involves Uefa offering a qualifying spot to one club in each of Europe’s top three fairest leagues. England are currently in fourth place behind Finland, Sweden and Norway but should the Premier League’s position improve over the final weeks of the season it will be Liverpool that are offered the place.

    Rodgers however would prefer not to go down that route.

    “I’ve never thought of it, maybe we should get a couple of sendings-off or bookings,” he told the Daily[1]

    “There’s a pride thing and we want to get into it with our performance level and it’s highly unlikely we’d get that route [anyway].

    “It’s the top three countries and we’re fourth. It’s not something I would be keen on. I want to get there through the right means.

    “If we have to have a year where we are not in it, it’s going to give us an opportunity to push on.

    “It was a long journey in the Europa League this year. Don’t get me wrong, we enjoyed it and we were disappointed when we came out of it, but I think down the Fair Play route means the competition starts even earlier.

    “I’d prefer to be in it by qualifying through the league or winning a trophy.

    “If it’s not that way then, we as a club are better suited to re-aligning our focus to domestic cups and the league.”

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