Jones sees progress under Rodgers


    Australian goalkeeper has said that he thinks Liverpool are making steady progress under the management of Brendan Rodgers.

    “It is difficult to say (how much ground we have to make up),” the Australian told Press Association Sport.

    “The likes of Chelsea and Manchester City have spent unbelievable amounts of money. Liverpool haven’t necessarily done that.

    “It was documented a couple of years ago when the new owners came in and spent a fair bit in one go but you have to remember £50million of that came in from Fernando Torres.


    “If you ask the teams that have, shall we say, ‘bought’ a winning team I don’t think their fans will care because they have won something.

    “But if you get to the top from building I think the fans grow with the team.

    “When you get there there will be that extra bit of pride but for us we just have to keep building on what we have got and what the club have done.”

    Jones added: “The club aren’t trying to go out and buy the league in one season.

    “The owners are quite clever, they have seen it in other sports. For them it is a slow process, it is not going to happen overnight.

    “I think they will be happy with what they have seen this season and obviously they will want it to move forward and make that next step and hopefully that will be next season.

    “That is the direction we’re going in and it is a good place to be.”

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