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    I hate to say I told you so but the stick and abuse I got for the 1st piece I wrote for Kopworld has just proved to being 100% accurate. Players and twitter do not mix.

    I got a lot of grief and minimal support when I called out Jonjo for not giving a monkey’s dangler about being ripped apart in Eastern Europe and completely humiliated in the defeat to Anzhi, then taking to twitter to show how much it mattered to him by ripping the proverbial out of Flanno’s gear and how him and Hendo were off to the England camp tomorrow.

    Jonjo-Shelvey-Liverpool-Player-Profile_2835468[1]Now he has taken to twitter again after ANOTHER shocking performance against West Brom, this time to slam us fans who spend thousands of pounds on this club for voicing frustrations and criticising his awful display tonight.

    If you have not seen the tweet, it reads:

    ” Love people giving me stick.. When half of people on here haven’t got a clue what they’re on about. #welldone #keyboardwarriors”

    Well Jonjo I am here to tell you, us “keyboard warriors” pay your f***ing wages pal and we have every right to voice our discontent at the embarrassing display you put in tonight for the club we quite clearly love more than you. You either need a history lesson in what this club stands for and realise that a few years ago you were a Charlton player, now, you are at the best club on the planet for support and you have come out *AGAIN and slammed us fans, or you need to start playing well.

    *”Again” meaning you threw your toys out of the pram last week to Sky Sports claiming to be a “scapegoat” for the Stoke game, in which you did the square root of f all again, and wanted another chance. Tonight you got that chance and you did…. not a damn thing mate. To top it off you have come out and slammed us fans, the best fans in the world, how very dare you. Remember where you are!

    You could have just said, “disappointing” or “I’ll make it up to you” but no, you have attacked the people who come to see you week in week out. The people who give up everything for this club, yes, you have the right to defend yourself but bear in mind…. YOU PLAY FOR LIVERPOOL FC, and that carries great responsibility, we as fans reserve the right to voice our frustrations but, AS ALWAYS, we are there the following week right behind the Red Men again in the next game. We aren’t Chelsea. We know our football and if you do not like the criticism then you are in the wrong job. FYI it’s every man’s dream job, and to be in your position wearing that Red shirt is everything to a lot of us. Grow up and do your talking on the pitch or take your bad attitude somewhere else.

    I know I will get slammed again for this but sometimes the players need to take responsibility and certainly not slam us fans.

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