A Team of Carraghers


    The song we sing for one of the greatest centre backs to ever play the game seems to be taking bigger steps to a reality. Everyone in the game, players, pundits, managers and all staff lucky enough to have worked with this great man will all say the same thing, Carra lives and breathes football. I don’t think it’s even a question of if he will become Liverpool manager, but WHEN he wants it and when the time is right.

    Imagine, his attitude instilled to a squad of players who would look at him like he looked at Kenny. The attitude of, you never stop or give up til the job is done. Personally I love seeing a manager celebrating a goal but how often do you see Carra run to the scorer if it’s 1-0 or in the first half or if we aren’t 6-0 up? Not very, is the answer, he knows there is a job to do for the rest of the game before he can let himself go, such is the professionalism of the great man.PHOTO_12773340_173471_30113255_ap[1]

    A lot of “funny” football twitter pages and forums keep pointing out he has scored 7 goals against Liverpool and that only 2 more players have scored more against us, but I genuinely do not see it as a bad thing. Those of us who have read his book will know he used to not look forward to marking Didier Drogba and to be fair who would? The fact there are only 2 players to score more against us than him, says to me that he has managed to shut out and stop more strikers in the world, and do it with such aplomb, that in the 16 years he has played for us, only 2 players have managed to break him down more than him being very unfortunate by trying to do his job. Keep in mind that he will have played against these guys a crazy number of times in so many seasons in the leagues and cups, names that will include great players like Alan Shearer, Drogba, Rooney, Bergkamp and Giggs.

    You cannot fault anything about the man, yes his pace started to leave him, but if any of you can say you are quicker than him when you are 30+ then please let me know where you are and I will come and sign you for my Sunday team. He is everything that the club stands for, die hard, work hard, play harder and a great leader. This legend will never walk alone and I cannot wait to see him in the dugout next to Brendan or on his own, instilling his ideals into his team of Carraghers in the not too distant future.

    Thank you Carra.

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