The Boy Can’t Win


    Enjoy the last few months of seeing Luis Suarez in a red shirt because I guarantee you all he will not be in it next season. Suarez left Ajax because he felt he was not backed by the club, a public condemnation by Rodgers is not backing him, at least Kenny, as ill-advised as it was, stood up for his player.

    We have once again fallen foul of the club’s need to air every bit of dirty laundry in public and today’s latest faux pas involving El Pistolero has cemented the fact we are flailing as a club.

    I’m sorry but if you couldn’t see that his dive against Stoke was a dive, you should not be watching football, at least the kid had the decency to admit it, has Ashley Young ever admitted his antics (to which he was actually rewarded TWICE)? Nope. Did the media all slam Luis Suarez for not admitting an accidental handball against Mansfield? Yup. He can’t win, he has admitted in the heat of the moment he dived and said he was unhappy with himself over it, what more can he do?luis-suarez-300-229806533-3266003[1]

    We seem to know everything that goes on at our club, not every minute detail but we can take a leaf from Arsenal’s book in these situations and keep internal matters internal and not in the tabloids and other media outlets. I refer to Daniel Sturridge, the worst kept secret in any transfer window ever. Yes, it’s a great signing but it was sensationalised from day 1 that he was our main target thus enabling Chelsea to slap another 3 or 4 mil on the player they didn’t want.

    We need an internal change. Our club is not being run correctly and all talking should be done on the pitch, if the board have not noticed, we are not doing as well as we should be / they think we are. Maybe they should come and actually SEE the club from time to time.

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