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    “Same old story” “Same old Liverpool” “Typical, story of our season” …. sorry it’s time to face facts … we are a mid table side. We can no longer hide behind these comments and throw away statements to make excuses as to why teams like Aston Villa and Stoke are humiliating us.


    Luis Suarez, whose attitude of late has been fantastic considering how frustrated he must be, has been the one thing to take from the last few weeks, he is also the last big name in world football we will sign until we get taken over by a Sheikh. Beating Fulham, who have one of, if not, the worst away record in the league is not a corner turned. We are nowhere near a force and teams now WANT to play us. These are facts, our record over the last 2 and a half seasons is awful. At home, away, everywhere and when we retain players like Dagger, Skrtel, Suarez and Sterling it is always sold to us as “like a new signing in itself”… that does not fly with me. Yes, it’s great we can keep these loyal servants and great players who are loved by every fan here, but why wouldn’t players like that want to stay when they are not going to be loved like this anywhere else? Great that they are buying into Brendan’s ethic but until we get better players around them, we will win nothing that we want to, i.e. the League, Champions League Qualification and even the Europa League.

    We are not a club that attracts big players anymore and we won’t be for years. Who would want to come to a club that got beaten at home by relegation fodder (I say that respectively as Aston Villa played us off the park but they are still one of the worst footballing teams in the league), whom the week after got spanked 8-0 (could have been 12) by Chelsea with EXACTLY THE SAME Starting 11 and 4:0 at home to a Spurs side, both of whom, a few years ago we were laughing at?

    There are a number of reasons for this…BR trying to make our players play to a style that is not suited to their ability. That’s the reality. Swansea had no trouble doing it so don’t come at me and say our players are world class because they are not. A stonewall fact on recent performances. But his “style” is pass and move. Correct me if I am wrong but is that not “The Liverpool Way”? Everything the club stands for and built it’s foundation on? Players like Henderson, Shelvey, Downing and Cole are not good enough to adhere to this play. Some of the aforementioned players’ second touch is a tackle and can trap it further than most can kick it. Before you all tell me to go and support someone else, yawn, consider this… before Rafa lost the plot, we had a midfield of Gerrard, Alonso, Garcia and Mascherano. Now, it is Gerrard with bad knees, Lucas, who had a good season I admit and won us over but is not good enough, Downing and either Shelvey, Allen or Henderson. This is why we aren’t competing. Players who would not get into any other Premier League team. Joe Allen was made to look a much better player by partnering Leon Britton and is not the answer to our problem of getting goals as the boy is currently incapable of shooting. Nuri Sahin who was on the cusp of the Real Madrid team is with us and I can’t remember what he looks like, same as Assaidi, who BR brought in and has looked good when he has had his chance in the Europa League. Where are they? Give them a shot. It CANNOT be worse than what we have been seeing.

    I know this is going to generate a lot of negative comments and hate but the current team is a million miles off competing and “rebuilding” is not a positive thing. We are Liverpool and we should NOT be in this position…. Until now. We are where we are because that is our ability level. I genuinely hope I am wrong and in which case you all have permission to email me on the hour every hour that I was wrong but I cannot see us miraculously being the Liverpool of old without a new plan and MASSIVE investment.

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